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I will find you the Right Fitting candidates ASAP!

I pride myself in finding the right people for the right job making both the employer and the candidate happy.

Sometimes putting a team together can be a very difficult task and it doesn't just come to academic qualifications and relevant experience but actually a lot of the times the decisive factor is the personality and whether it will be the right match for the company.

I do my thorough preparation to make sure I know enough about the inner culture of the company, requirements of the job, the preferences in terms of qualifications and experience and then I set on a mission to find the ONE and ONLY.

To be honest, this is the most exciting part for me, it's a search and I have always liked investigative tasks, it's almost like finding the treasure.

Sometimes I have to go through loads of applicants, on other occasions I already have someone in mind but what's important I will always make sure that my perfectionism is put to the test and the results produced are no less than EXCELLENT!

So if you feel that you may very much use an executive approach to your candidate search I'm all ready for a challenge.

!!! By the way, I don't get scared by hard to fill roles, in fact it makes me more zealous and focused so I am sure I can help you with the trickiest to fill positions.

Please send me an email to, connect via LI message or call Tel No: 02035191775| Int Ext: 3176 and I will discuss this further with you.

NonStop Recruitment is a Swiss based recruitment company established in 2000.

NonStop is dedicated to raising the standard of ethical recruitment and comprises a number of brands, each having their own niche sector focus.

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