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Cutting edge development & Innovation C++ Engineer

Enter a world of cutting edge development & Innovation - C/C++ Engineer

Be part of a rapidly growing start-up who is looking for a Software Engineer with strong expertise in C/C++ to help them in their development.

You will be working closely with their software team to develop and maintain the high performance libraries of theirs hyper-acceleration stack.

I need a candidate with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science (PhD ideally) with a minimum of 3+ years of experience in C/C++ as well of an extensive experience with Linux OS.

You need to be familiar with computer architecture, have experience with debugging a complex software stack but first and foremost a collaborative mind-set and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment.

Ideally with knowledge in distributed systems or data processing frameworks and variadic template programming.

A basic understanding of advanced features of C++11 is a plus.

Reach me at or call me at +41 435 080 817 (Thomas extension 3164).

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