Customer Experience and Policy Consultant - Horsham

Customer Experience and Policy Consultant, Horsham and London.

, I have proven experience of delivering policy change
, I am a role model for excellent customer service, creating a customer first working environment
, I am able to receive and respond to customer feedback and complaints professionally at all times
, I communicate accurately, listen and keep people informed, and am polite, friendly and helpful

Areas of responsibility include customer policy, policy changes and developments, customer experience/policy projects and initiatives.
, Works hand in hand with Customer Insights Consultants and Customer Engagement Co-ordinators
, Designs, develops and implements policy
, Reacting to changes in customer experience, resulting in policy changes
, Simplifies and clearly communicates policy
, Enables customer and colleagues to self-serve
, Implements and supports all areas to understand policy changes
, Facilitates and leads workshops
, Sets performance standards
, Conducts post implementation reviews to ensure policy standards are maintained

If you are interested in this post then please forward your CV to or call Adam on 01772 20896.

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