Chemical Process Operator

Process Operator - Salary £21463

Hours of work:

39 hours per week 7-15:30 Mon-Thurs and 7-14:30 Fri with a 30 minute unpaid break.

There is potential for shift work.


Job Title: Process Operator Reporting to: Site Shift Manager


Job Purpose:

To manufacture specific products, predominantly by batch processing, according to the Company's standards and requirements.

Key Objectives:

To work a specified shift pattern and as a member of a team, to meet the business requirements of a top-tier COMAH Company in a safe, efficient, timely and acceptable manner.

To Operate the plant and associated equipment within the Company's Environmental Permit consents.

To follow, understand and carry out the manufacture of specific chemicals according to written procedures, complying with safety regulations and quality requirements.

Key Functions:


Attain and maintain the standards described in the NSAPI Gold Standard for a Process Operator.


Operate predominantly semi-automatic controlled systems and monitor the charging of raw materials into specific reactors.


Take representative samples from the process and perform analysis in accordance with laboratory testing procedures.


Adjust specific parameters during the production process following interpretation of data obtained from the sampling and analysis.


Operate equipment ancillary to the main process e.g.

filters, scrubbers, bag filters etc.


Responsible for off-loading bulk liquid raw materials into storage.


Responsible for loading, bulk liquid products into outgoing road tankers and packing.


Monitor, record and report the condition of process equipment within the working plant area to identify defects and enable repairs by the maintenance teams to be performed in a timely manner.


Isolate, decontaminate and prepare plant equipment in line with the requirements specified in the Permit To Work (PTW), to ensure equipment/plant is in a safe condition for maintenance/repair personnel to work on.


Maintain the cleanliness of process equipment.


Ensure the housekeeping standards of the plant area meet the Company requirements.


Complete all necessary paperwork covering plant condition, plant safety, production data and routine recording of specified parameters, inputting any required data on to the Company computer system where required.


Perform other tasks within the level of responsibility and ability as required by Management from time to time.


To be authorised to drive a fork-lift truck.

Key Relationships:

Other shift members of the plant production teams

All Shift Managers and principally the Shift Manager designated as your Line Manager

Laboratory Personnel

Maintenance Personnel

SHE Team

Quality Team

External delivery and despatch drivers

Key Requirements:

Experience of operating a semi-continuous, hazardous chemical production plant.

Experience of working on a Top Tier COMAH facility.

Ability to communicate clearly.

Good analytical skills and experience of performing in-process chemical analysis.

Ability to interpret results from in-process analysis and take appropriate action to adjust the process accordingly.

IT literate.

Flexible with ability to operate a variety of plants and processes.

Personal Qualities:

Results orientated.


High standards of Health and Safety.

Good communication skills, both written and verbal.

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