Communication & Events Associate (Bilingual Mandarin)

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Communication and Events Associate

Bilingual English/Mandarin

Our client is currently seeking a Communication and Event Associate who is able to read, write and speak Mandarin.

This role is an important role in the client's General Office.

Responsibilities include administrative functions, communication responsibilities, and event planning responsibilities.

The ideal candidate should be able to provide writing samples and able to work with minimal supervision.

This role offers the opportunity to work in a growing environment.

Job Overview:

  • Execute corporate culture building initiatives including internal publicity

  • Manage day to day Head Office coordination

  • Provide assistance to executives

  • Assist with Public Relationship management including external publicity

  • Primary Responsibilities:

    Execute corporate culture building initiatives including internal publicity:

    • Assist communication and event manager with on-going corporate culture communications, which includes but not limited to working with IT team to design and launch the internal communication/publicity platform, writing articles to be published on the publicity platform, interviewing employees and writing stories

    • Assist with organizing branch internal team building activities, including budget monitoring, events planning and execution.

    • Help with branch wide celebration events organization including but not limited to year end event, summer event and anniversary events.

    • Propose and execute ideas in related to corporate culture building and coordinate resources to get those ideas executed.

    • Write up articles to be published at head office newsletter or wechat platform.

    Day to day Head Office coordination:

    • Assist with Head Office visitors receptions including proposing and executing reception plans, escort Head Office visitors during their visits when necessary and write up related publicity articles about their visits.

    • Manage Yishitong mail box so daily requests from Head Office can be taken care of on a timely manner, which may include coordination with cross functions to fulfill Head Office needs.

      Keep record of all emails.

    • Day to day manage the head office and official documents as well as stamp safekeeping and stamp affix.

    • Write up working reports in Chinese or English as needed.

    Provide assistance to executives:

    • Organize executive committee meetings, write up meeting minutes, and track status of action items.

    • Assist with efforts of improving meeting efficiency.

    • Provide assistant to executives as necessary which includes updating executive's agenda in Head Office' system, submit business travel requests to Head Office and etc.

    Assist with Public Relationship management and marketing events

    • On-going monitor public sentiments including negative news regarding CMB

    • Assist with PR related events execution

    • Partner with business departments to help with branch level marketing events organization

    • Execute sponsorship related projects

    Perform other administrative duties as assigned

    Qualifications Required:

    • Bachelor degree is required.

    • Bi-lingual in English and Mandarin.

    • Strong writing skills in both English and Mandarin (Sample articles composed by candidates may be required).

    • One to three years of full time working experience in a related role.

    • Experience in media, Public Relationship, marketing or advertisement industry can be a plus.

    • Experience in corporate culturing building, internal and external publicity management and event organization is preferred.

    • The ideal candidate will be energetic, confident, reliable, and outgoing.

    • Must be comfortable with working in a multicultural environment and willing to learn.

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