Senior Security Engineer

Senior Security Engineer

Our client is looking for a Senior Security Engineer to be responsible for day-to-day global security operational functions.

Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Maintaining expert knowledge of security principles

  • Understanding of security problems as a mix of technology and process issues with the ability to pursue solutions at all layers within the organization

  • Building and assisting in operating an internal security monitoring competency, to provide 24/7 security monitoring

  • Transforming traditional data center security controls into industry adopted cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Office365 or Salesforce

  • Defining and developing custom scripts for increased security automation and analysis

  • Assisting with the resolution of security-related infrastructure configurations or failures

Here's what our ideal candidate has:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other similar technical degree program

  • 5+ years of previous technical experience with security networking and/or software development

  • Expert knowledge regarding security incident response best practices

  • Previous experience in monitoring and managing the detection and protection of network and host-based intrusion, data loss and malware

  • Experience in vulnerability scanning solutions, DDOS protection, security event or information management, host-based integrity checking and end-point security

  • Advanced knowledge of public key cryptography is critical for success in this role (Tokenization, Encryption, decryption, tamper detection, authentication etc.)

Keywords: Security, DDOS, Security Monitoring, Encryption, Tokenization, AWS, GCP, Cloud Security, SOC

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