Senior Content Designer

Our client is looking for a content designer who will work on the end-to-end journey of a service to help users complete their goal and government deliver a policy intent.

In this role, your work may involve the creation of, or change to, a transaction, product or single piece of content that stretches across digital and offline channels.

You will be expected to:

  • make sure appropriate content is shown to a user in the right place and in the best format

  • start from discovery and work closely with user researchers, service designers and interaction designers as well as subject matter experts

The successful candidate will be the champion of clear writing and usability for our content.

They will train and support others to deliver excellent written content and will help the communications branch to develop further its knowledge and skills in writing.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support and develop content plan and strategy based on user needs

  • Lead creation of materials for internal and external webpages

  • Review content to make sure it's accurate, relevant, accessible and written in line with GOV.UK style

  • Communicate the principles of content design to other workstream members

At this level, you will:

  • take responsibility for content quality, managing small teams and mentoring content designers

  • write and map user stories, assure quality and review the work of others

  • lead on cross-government content projects

  • engage with and contribute to the cross-government content community

Essential Skills and Experience:

Agile working

  • You can identify and compare the best processes or delivery methods to use, including measuring and evaluating outcomes.

    You know how to help the team to decide the best approach.

  • You can help teams to manage and visualise outcomes, prioritise work and work to agreed minimum viable product (MVP), print and scope.

    (Relevant skill level: practitioner)


  • You approach prototyping as a team activity, actively soliciting prototypes and testing with others.

    You can establish design patterns and iterate them.

    You can use a variety of methods of prototyping and choose the most appropriate ones.

    (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

Stakeholder relationship management

  • You can influence stakeholders and manage relationships effectively.

    You know how to build long-term strategic relationships and communicate clearly and regularly with stakeholders.

    (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

Strategic thinking

  • You can lead the design and implementation of strategy, directing the evaluation of strategies and policies to ensure business requirements are being met.

    (Relevant skill level: expert)

User focus

  • You know how to collaborate with user researchers and can represent users internally.

  • You understand the difference between user needs and the desires of the user.

  • You can champion user research to focus on all users.

  • You can prioritise and define approaches to understand the user story, guiding others in doing so.

  • You can offer recommendations on the best tools and methods to be used.

    (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

User-centred content design

  • You can create and iterate content for end-to-end services.

    You can deliver through others and direct their work.

    (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

stream is acting as an Employment Business in relation to this vacancy.

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