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Gardens Manager

Gardens Manager

Job Type: Fixed Term 3 year contract

Location: Norwich

Working Hours: Monday - Friday

Salary: £25,000 per annum

Offering a friendly working environment and team, a competitive salary, and a rewarding and varied position within a well-respected charity, we are looking for a Garden Manager to help promote the work of Assist Trust effectively, while making sure that all garden functions run as smoothly as possible.

Assist Trust is a Norwich based progression day service for adults with learning disabilities in Norfolk.

We encourage our members to gradually take on responsibilities and support them to learn about expectations in the real world.

This is achieved through offering a wide range of groups, which help individuals to speak up, build confidence and develop friendships with others.


We value every member of our team and believe in maintaining a rewarding and supportive working environment for all employees to thrive in, as well as offering opportunities for you to develop in the field of social care and support.

  • Up to 25 days holiday, plus a week's closure over Christmas

  • Sociable working hours

  • Personal and professional development opportunities

  • An inspiring and varied position 

  • A friendly and supportive team

  • Free DBS check

  • Regular guidance and support

Role Responsibilities- Garden Manager:

Day to day running - Garden Manager:

  • To run groups and activities on site with the members of Assist Trust:

  • To lead, co-lead or support other staff to carry out activities and groups at the Assist Trust Heath Gardens site according to timetable requirements, ensuring that aims and objectives are maintained while all members are helped to meaningfully take part.

    To encourage quieter members to speak up and partake in activities and to discreetly manage more dominant individuals who might take time and attention from others.

  • To maintain a good awareness of areas of concern, risk, or medical need of the members that you work with in order to avoid problems or issues developing where possible and to allow you to react appropriately if they do.

  • To be prepared to cover any group at Assist, occasionally at short notice, ensuring that all risks are managed, that activities are engaging, interesting and inclusive and that the aims and objectives are maintained to the very best of your abilities.

    To read all relevant group notes on these occasions and to consult with other staff members in order to uphold these expectations.

  • To ensure that all groups and activities at Assist reflect real world expectations in all areas, including punctuality, appropriate behaviour, mutual respect when working with others, following reasonable instructions, etc.

    To be prepared to demonstrate clear boundaries in all these areas and to reinforce messages and consequences of actions when appropriate - in respectful and proportional ways, in partnership with managers and other Assist Trust staff.

  • To constantly explore ways to help individuals build on their strengths and gradually steer away from any negative or damaging behaviours being exhibited, praising, and reinforcing positive patterns of behaviour as strategies take effect.

    To regularly revisit these strategies as the individual is supported to maintain progress.

  • To write clear, concise, factual, and non-judgemental progress notes for members that you work with on a regular basis in order to highlight progress made, track developments and to monitor any areas of concern.

  • To complete all necessary paperwork for groups in a timely manner and where possible with the members input, to include risk assessments, group plans, weekly plans, and any other relevant paperwork.

Overseeing - Garden Manager:

To develop gardening and outdoor based activities according to the needs of the individuals attending and in line with Assist Trust policies.

  • To work with other managers at Assist to develop a good level of groups and activities taking place at Heath Gardens on each timetable (changed every 4 months).

  • To manage all facilities and developments at Heath Gardens within agreed budgets.

  • To ensure that all facilities and equipment used at the Gardens are well maintained and safe to use.

  • To ensure that the whole Gardens site always maintains suitable Health & Safety standards, co-ordinating with the Assist Health, Safety and Maintenance team to ensure that all checks and reports are completed as necessary.

  • To report on progress and developments at the Gardens, to the CEO and the board of Trustees at agreed intervals.

  • To maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with funders and other agencies, as developments continue.

  • To report on specific projects that have received funding as required.

Developing - Garden Manager:

  • Developing strategic plans with specific reference to Heath Gardens, with an awareness of how this fits in with overall strategic ambitions of Assist Trust.

  • Setting out plans for improvements and developments on the site, to allow for the following:

  • More accessible gardening and outdoor learning facilities for the existing client group (members) at Assist.

  • More variety in terms of gardening /outdoor learning and engagement for the members.

  • Higher standards of upkeep and site maintenance generally.

  • Realising the horticultural and market gardening potential of the site, to achieve exemplary standards at all times of the year.

  • Gradually extending the types of environment and horticultural experience for the members and potentially for other users of the site.

  • Developing and improving kitchen, workshop, and other suitable facilities for current or future timetabled groups.

  • Exploring, developing, and enabling the potential of the site in order to realise its potential and to help provide other funding streams for the organisation

  • Securing longer term funding in these ways that will help secure the Garden Manager position and the feasibility of the whole project into the future.

  • Developing relationships and partnerships that further identified strategic goals for the site, with Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council (owners of the site), funders, local businesses, community groups, etc.

Working with the Assist Trust members (adults with learning disabilities)

  • To get to know members at Assist, allowing relationships to develop gradually and naturally as trust levels build, while always maintaining absolutely clear professional boundaries.

  • To take advantage of all possible opportunities at Assist to allow members to discuss their own lives and their wishes and concerns as naturally as possible, to help you build up a good understanding of their lives and backgrounds.

    To always remain good humoured and approachable in order to facilitate such interactions.

  • To share your own experiences in order to facilitate good levels of trust when it is appropriate to do so, making sure that topics of discussion are appropriate and do not cross professional lines.

  • To provide strengths based support for all members attending Assist, helping them to have the best possible chance of success in the real world and helping them to understand and manage real world expectations.

  • To maintain very clear professional boundaries at all times, while providing appropriate support in natural and respectful ways.

    To actively discourage any form of dependence or overfamiliarity exhibited by any of the members towards you and to maintain an awareness of how these feelings or emotions might develop.

Person Specification - Garden Manager:

  • Level 3 minimum horticultural qualification        

  • Start: Immediate
  • Duration: Fixed Term 3 year contract
  • Rate: £25k per year
  • Location: Norwich, Norfolk, England
  • Type: Contract
  • Industry: Charities
  • Recruiter: i4 Recruitment
  • Tel: 01603 415100
  • Email: to view click here
  • Reference: AT-6677
  • Posted: 2022-08-04 12:20:18 -

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