Senior Recruitment Consultant

We are looking for a Senior Recruitment Consultant to join our Private Practice team in the Leeds office.

Our Private Practice team are recording record results, out-performing our competitors and have great scope to continue their growth.

They are a close knit, well-bonded team that have a collegiate approach, a great reputation across the market and an unparalleled set of connections.

We are attracting a lot of new business and have clients who are keen to work more closely with us, currently simply do not have the man power to service their requirements properly and we see significant scope to build up our offering and create a new team.

We are keen to appoint someone to help us achieve this goal and lead and manage that part of our offering.

About this Senior Recruitment Consultant Role:

  • Join a successful team, whilst also having the opportunity and scope to help push our market penetration forward.

  • There is genuine scope to build a team and evolve into managing and leading that team and the offering generally.

    This is something that can be achieved in the relative short term.

  • There is a ‘warm' desk to pick up

  • Suits a recruiter with experience in either Legal Recruitment or a similar professional sector

  • Focuses primarily on the attraction and placement of Solicitors and Partners in the Private Practice market.

  • We will tailor the role to suit the experience and skill set of the incoming person although it is fair to say that in all respects the focus is on providing a quality service to a lucrative, high demand, candidate led market.

  • £200,000 plus billing levels are very achievable.


  • We are very conscious that personal development should never cease and we will provide a comprehensive and bespoke training programme to ensure that you have the information, skills and expertise that will allow you to be ‘the best version of yourself'.

  • We have in-depth knowledge of our market.

    We are highly respected by both candidate and clients.

    People enjoy working with us, they value our opinion and have learnt that they can trust us.

    This makes our job so much more enjoyable, rewarding and successful.

  • Personal development and career progression is something we focus on, there are no barriers to career progression and progression is entirely based on ability and delivery rather than being time barred or restricted in any way.

  • We have a blended working from home/working from the office environment and have found that this works really well.

    Being together as a team sharing information, intelligence, tips, successes and woes is really productive and thoroughly enjoyable but we also enjoy the ability to work from home and focus ‘on our desks'.

    We envisage this more flexible way of working to be the future for us, a balance that is effective from both a professional and personal perspective.

Now let us turn to what sort of values and strengths work well at Sacco Mann:

  • Hard work, a willingness to graft, is really important.

    Recruitment requires us to be switched on, thinking, assessing and looking for solutions at all times.

    We don't work silly hours but we do work hard in the hours we put in.

  • Self-motivation is critical.

    We are excellent at providing support, direction, advice, encouragement and empathy - that is readily available throughout the business and the people who are the most successful embrace this and combine this with a personal maturity and responsibility.

  • We give people plenty of autonomy, Legal Recruitment is a field where developing your own style is entirely viable and beneficial, our role is to help you do this.

    To allow you the autonomy to work in a manner that works well for you, as well as, representing the business in an appropriate manner.

    We are grown ups and don't require micromanaging (in fact people who do require micromanaging do not flourish here).

  • Enthusiasm is also a core attribute, its infectious and this team use that as a way of powering on onto to extra success.

  • We work in close knit groups and we genuinely have each others backs.

    This is non negotiable.

    We proactively support each other, we cover each others jobs, provide each other with extra market information and intelligence.

    We all step in to support, help and encourage each other and the result is that we are all individually better placed and better informed and more successful.

The Rewards:

  • Success deserves to be appropriately rewarded and that is exactly what we aim to do.

    Each person:

  • Receives a generous basic salary that is formally reviewed in April every year.

  • We offer an unrivalled commission structure with no threshold.

  • There is a company quarterly bonus, this is worth up to £5,000 per person per annum.

  • There is a Management Bonus designed to reward your efforts in building and running your team.

  • Softer benefits to include; opportunity to earn extra holidays, more income, holidays and vouchers

  • Wider benefits include private medical insurance, pension, Buy & Sell Holiday Scheme and many more.

If you are interested in applying for this Senior Recruitment Consultant role at Sacco Mann then call 0113 245 3338 or apply now.

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