Project Worker

In this position, you will be expected to;
- Hold a caseload of 6-8 key clients and conduct regular key working sessions resulting in agreed Support Plans
- Complete comprehensive risk and needs assessments
- Respond to referrals within agreed timescales for both in-house referrals of existing service users, and new scheme.
- Identify care pathways and treatment options, and support the acquisition of the skills needed to participate in treatment settings
- Build and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders, including other services and specialties, external agencies, treatment and accommodation providers, service user groups, peer-led groups, and mutual aid communities.
- Work with residents to maximise benefit entitlements and secure project income through the collection of rents and charges and the minimisation of arrears and void loss
- Assist residents to acquire budgeting skills, and set up basic bank and/or savings accounts
- Monitor, record, report and follow up all maintenance issues and participate in housing management procedures, such as room checks, locality checks and Health and Safety checks
- Respond in a psychologically-informed way to the challenges posed by complex needs in a residential setting

To apply for this role, you must have;
- Experience of working with Complex Needs clients (e.g.

substance use, mental health, offending, street activity and Anti-Social Behaviour, physical health, background of complex trauma).
- An understanding of the working methods of residential services delivering support and accommodation to clients.
- Experience delivering highly personalised assessment and casework, support planning, goal setting, advocacy, and the ability to apply this and share with others
- The ability to work intensively with clients, be analytical in approach, respond calmly to crisis and deal promptly, effectively, safely and creatively to complex and challenging situations
- A strong understanding of the issues that typically disrupt progress in journeys towards independence, such as mental health, substance misuse, self-harm, domestic violence, anger management, learning impairment and frailty due to illness
- A strong understanding of the Strengths and Recovery model, and the ability to apply this within a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)
- The ability to navigate between and across specialties whilst working with clients to create a multiagency care plan
- The ability to engage, support and motivate clients to progress through structured activities, group work and engagement to treatment providers and services

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