Site Manager

Position: Site Manager - Social Housing Refurbishments

Industry: Social Housing

We are currently seeking a highly experienced Site Manager with a strong background in social housing refurbishments.

This position requires expertise in both internal and external refurbishments, with specific experience in cladding.

It is crucial that candidates have prior experience working in the social housing sector.

As a Site Manager, your responsibilities will include overseeing and coordinating refurbishment projects, ensuring that all works are carried out to high standards and within specified timelines.

Your role will involve managing both internal and external teams, maintaining a calm and professional demeanor throughout the process.

Key Qualifications and Skills:

  • Extensive experience in social housing refurbishments, specifically in internal and external works with cladding experience.

  • Exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.

  • Proficient in health and safety regulations and practices, ensuring compliance on-site at all times.

  • Strong leadership abilities with a calm and professional approach.

  • Relevant qualifications related to construction and site management.

If you possess the necessary qualifications and experience in social housing refurbishments, we invite you to apply for this position.

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