Field Resource Foreman



WTI Foreman is responsible for the oversite and performance of safety, efficiency, and quality of the WTI field service business.

Safety is our number one priority and will be embedded into every discussion, meeting, and project.

As the clear and established leader of the WTI crew, the WTI Foreman is focused on safety, crew management, and efficient execution of all WTI Projects assigned within their respective region.

It is the responsibility of the WTI Foreman Technician to deliver timely service to all our WTI customers.


  • Conduct the daily onsite safety brief prior to the start of the WTI project with the Sales Rep, customer, and the WTI Crew.

    Inspect and ensure all surroundings, equipment, and tools and identify and discuss any safety concerns.

    Complete the Daily Hazard Analysis form and submit it to the Supervisors as applicable
  • Ensure all project communication is completed before the start of any WTI project.

    This includes but is not limited to communication with:
    • Sales Rep on weekly/daily schedule
    • WTI crew members to discuss the scope of work and daily tasks
    • The customer pre-arrives, upon arrival, and after the day's work
    • WTI Supervisor on schedule changes, project and crew updates, etc
  • Efficient project management will include managing team start and end times and production rates and ensuring tools and materials are available to safely and efficiently complete the assigned project.

    Complete the project per the scope of work or specification.

  • The WTI Foreman will complete an end-of-day and/or end-of-project walk-through to ensure quality repairs and address any items prior to leaving the job site.

    Before and after pictures will be sent to the Sales Rep, and information will be sent daily on the project status.

    These items will include detailed work performed updates, materials consumed, and supplies purchases are all recorded daily.

  • Ensure that all WTI Field Reps will have a professional appearance and customer interaction while completing services for a customer.

  • The Field Resource Foreman is responsible for ordering, tracking, and monitoring inventory and ensuring Quarterly cycle counts are completed and submitted timely.

  • Per pricing procedures, review each field service project over $5,000 for pricing accuracy.

  • Submit all projects over $20,000 to the WTI Supervisor prior to submitting to the Sales Rep or customer.
  • Manage, monitor, and document the performance of Field Resource Reps and take appropriate steps or corrective measures to resolve employee and work-related issues.

    Consult with the WTI Field Resource Supervisor and Human Resources as needed.

  • Perform any other duty and/or project as required or assigned by the WTI Supervisor and/or Regional Manager.

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