Construction Manager



The Construction Manager is responsible for managing all projects (including GC and larger-scale P&R, TremCares, etc).

This will involve working with the superintendent or technicians assigned to the project to ensure delivery is on time and within budget, as well as selecting and managing all sub-contractors.

Additional duties will include participating in all proposals, specifications, price estimates, schedules, and sales efforts as they affect the aforementioned projects.

Also, responsible for Sales and Service Support, Field Resources, and Customer Management communication as necessary.

Abide by all Company policies.


  • Responsible for contributing to, validating, and signing off on all proposals and specifications.

    • Conceptual Phase (estimates & schedules)
    • Program Planning Phase
    • Design Phase
    • Conduct Prebid
    • Construction Phase
    • Conduct Pre-construction
    • Effective Close-out
    • Cost Estimates and schedules
    • Use of ebuilder for all project documentation per policy manual.
  • Accountable for project cost/budget variance & profitability.
  • Accountable for Quality Assurance.
  • Understanding of subcontractor agreement and corrective measures of notification to subcontractor per the executed agreement.

    • Proper letter notification to non-compliant subcontractor agreement articles, i.e., no waivers of lien for lower tier subs, missing submittals, etc.
  • Set project timelines and goals.
  • Manage key metrics and report on a regular basis or as required.
  • Coordinate work with Program Managers, Sales & Service Support, Customer Management (WTI & Tremco Roofing), and Resource Management.
  • Participate in the Preventive and Corrective Action process with responsibility and authority to:
    • Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any non-conformity relating to service, process, and quality.
    • Identify and record any service, process, or quality system problems.
    • Initiate, recommend, or provide solutions through designated channels.
    • Verify the implementation of solutions.
    • Control further processing, delivery, or installation of non-conforming products until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.
  • Review all bids received and conduct contractor interviews for specification and contractual compliance.
  • Approve Proposals for submission (i.e.

    pricing, specification, scope).
  • Direct Project Manager, technicians, and superintendents.
  • Sign-off on project billings.
  • Responsible for change order negotiation and approval.


  • Benchmarks will be assembled for the following metrics:
  • Concept, Planning & Design (Proposals & Specs):
    • # Proposals/Specs being managed
    • # Proposals/Specs reviewed vs.

      in queue
    • #/$ Wins vs.

    • Profit Margin of Wins vs.

  • Construction (Execution)
    • # of projects w/in (time &/or $) budget +/- X%
  • Contractor Management
    • # Qualified Contractors
    • $ Billed & Outstanding (& DSOs)
  • Customer
    • Project Quality Score


  • Technical knowledge of all products and services that WTI offers.
  • Deep understanding of all Construction Management tasks.
  • Understanding of superintendent roles & responsibilities.


  • Superior written, oral, and digital communication skills.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and a customer service approach when dealing with sales reps.
  • Able to create performance reporting.
  • 24-hour reply response to all inquiries.
  • Computer Literacy
  • Ebuilder, E.mail, web, SAP, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Projects, Visual Cadd, AutoCadd, others TBD.

Specification Development Stage:

  • Select the WTI Superintendent for the project.
  • Responsible for specification detail drawings approval Signing off on Specifications shall be required by:
    • Division Manager
    • Construction Manager
    • Tremco Rep

Pre-Bid Stage:

  • Conducts Pre-Bid Meeting, agenda outlines the required format of the Pre-Bid Meeting.

  • Document responses from Pre-Bid meeting minutes are documented or audio recorded and compiled into meeting Minutes on the form.
  • Receives and processes Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda and Sign-In form.

  • Forwards published copies to local Tremco Representative, Superintendent, Facility Contact, and Roofing Subcontractor.
  • Bidding Stage
    • Publishes, approves, and distributes Addendum (where applicable)
    • Receives and reviews bids and agreements

Pre-construction Stage:

  • Provides established Project Schedule.
  • Assists the Superintendent in planning and coordinating the Pre-Construction Meeting.
  • Provides the superintendent with necessary subcontractor information, such as site-specific safety plans, certificates, etc., from the Bid Form prior to the Pre-Construction Meeting.
  • Conducts and processes completed Pre-Construction Meeting documentation and distributes to all applicable parties.

Construction Stage:

  • Daily receipt and review of Daily Inspection forms.
  • Visits job site as necessary.
  • Receive and review Weekly Progress Meeting Minutes, Attend or be involved via conference call.
  • Maintain Project Schedule process updates from the superintendent.
  • Perform site audits as appropriate.
  • Authorize and generate Change Orders as required.
  • Authorize subcontractor payments.
  • Authorize Customer billing.
  • Assist the Superintendent with any problems during construction.

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