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Field Resources Inspector JOB DESCRIPTION

The Field Resource Inspector is responsible for completing documents, forms, processes and data gathering to ensure accuracy, quality and integrity in our field inspection reporting.

Documents include electronic, hard or soft copies.

This position is responsible to perform specific inspection services at the direction of the local Foreman or Supervisor.

The Field Resource Inspector will work independently or with other resources depending on the task being performed.

The Field Resource Inspector will complete and be responsible for all types of job site inspections including: TremCare, Job Site, QA and QA Plus.

The Inspection technician is responsible for daily review and performance of safety, efficiency, and quality as it relates to the performance of inspection services.

Safety is our number one priority and will be embedded into every discussion, meeting and project.


  • Field Resource Inspection Technician is responsible for performing the inspection services.

    They are to be on time and complete work scheduled.

    The Inspection Technician will perform all services in a professional manner as it pertains to conduct, appearance and communication.
  • All required job information should be completed promptly via the required tools and resources.
  • Must be familiar with all forms of low slope roofing systems.
  • Must be knowledgeable with Tremco line of products and proper applications
    • Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
      • Review and confirm all work orders scheduled.
      • Completion of all safety related activities using the designated tools mandated by Tremco
      • Take photos to document phases of work performed on the job

  • Job Site Inspection specific:
    • Ensure the Spec has been read and will be taken to the project location.- Job Site Inspection specific
    • Check materials for specification compliance, material type and proper storage
    • Walk the roof with the Foreman.

      Address proper drainage, staging, application and details
    • Observe and document all work being done
The hourly rate for applicants in this position generally ranges between $20 and $33.

This range is an estimate, based on potential employee qualifications, operations, needs, and other considerations permitted by law.
Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, protected veteran status or disability.
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