Job Posting

Q1. How long will my job posting last?

Your job posting will last for 30 business days from the date of posting, unless you decide to remove your job posting before the expiry date.

Q2. I just posted a job with an error in it how can I edit it?

Unfortunately we do not allow the editing of jobs that are posted, but you can go to the  "repost job" section and repost the job as a new job (without the error of course!), Then you will need to remove the job which had an error in it. see below on how to remove a job.

Q3. How do I remove a job?

you need to login into your user control panel and click the "My Job" section, then select the job(s) you wish to delete and enter your password and press the "Delete Selected" button, this will instantly remove your job from


Q4. Can I repost the same jobs after they have expired because they have not been filled?

Yes you can, after 30 business days your job will expire, however it will still be stored and you have a further 40 business days to repost the job using the "repost job" functionality in the user control panel 

Q5. I have an Broadbean Account,Can I use this to post jobs?

YES you can, is fully integrated with Broadbean job posting service, so if you do have a Broadbean Account just follow the Broadbean guide to setting up a posting link with jobboards. or email

We are also integrated with, idibu, equest, posting pal and job posting services as well.

Q6. How can I customise the job detail page?

The FREE job postings account does not allow you to do this, you will need to upgrade to the "XTRA" account this will allow you to fully customise the job detail page with your own branding and remove all references to and google adsense / banner advertising.

Please contact sales for further details on the "XTRA" account!