Wastewater Treatment Operator


The primary result expected from the Wastewater Treatment Operator will be to operate, set up, changeover, assist or tend to machines to produce shellac or shellac-based products, ready patch, nature seal, in a safe, consistent and efficient manner.

Typical tasks for this position include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Move control settings to make necessary adjustments on equipment units affecting speeds of chemical reactions, quality, and yields.

  • Monitor recording instruments, flowmeters, panel lights, and other indicators, and listen for warning signals, in order to verify conformity of process conditions.

  • Control or operate chemical processes or systems of machines, using panelboards, control boards, or semi-automatic equipment.

  • Record operating data such as process conditions, test results, and instrument readings.

  • Confer with technical and supervisory personnel to report or resolve conditions affecting safety, efficiency, and product quality.

  • Draw samples of products, and conduct quality control tests in order to monitor processing, and to ensure that standards are met.

  • Regulate or shut down equipment during emergency situations, as directed by supervisory personnel.

  • Start pumps to wash and rinse reactor vessels, to exhaust gases and vapors, to regulate the flow of oil, steam, air, and perfume to towers, and to add products to converter or blending vessels.

  • Interpret chemical reactions visible through sight glasses or on television monitors, and review laboratory test reports for process adjustments.

  • Patrol work areas to ensure that solutions in tanks and troughs are not in danger of overflowing.
  • Communicating with Supervisors, peers, or subordinates: providing information to supervisors and co-workers in written form or in person.
  • Learn all manual tasks performed within the department.
  • Perform tasks assigned using specific operating procedures, and following department specific quality control processes and procedures.
  • Treat people with dignity and respect.
  • Conduct all business with integrity.
  • Adhere to Rust-Oleum Corporation Quality principles and participate in all departmental and company wide Quality activities.
  • Follow all safety procedures and company policies.
  • Be familiar with large quantity generator hazardous waste including waste consolidation, segregation of HW management of waste turn-in, and preparation of HW for shipment.
  • Management of non-hazardous waste such as used oil and dust collection, facility inspections, and container inspections; testing of equipment, contingency planning, and housekeeping; container management and the management of facility inspection logs.
  • Comply with all safe work practices, policies, and processes, and acting in a safe manner at all times to guarantee health and safety
  • Facility wide container labeling for Haz waste and satellite accumulation areas
  • Responsible for safe and compliant execution of lab pack projects/jobs
  • Responsible for the correct packaging of material/waste
  • Label drums appropriately and assure driver of an expedient pick-up
  • Appropriately load/pack materials and wastes properly and segregate them for compatibility on the transport vehicle
  • Ensure overall quality control of waste materials to be shipped
  • Submit a list of containers awaiting shipment to HW vendor prior to LQG 90 compliance
  • Complete routine reports to support environmental reporting requirements
  • Accomplish and maintain required training.

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Massachusetts Industrial class 2-I wastewater license or higher is preferred
  • Willing to work overtime as necessary

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