Utility Technician


Position: Utility Technician

Position Summary: Responsible for production and compliance assigned duties.

This includes but is not limited to batch and process manufacturing, compliance responsibilities, inventory control, bulk material handling, and packaging.

Specific Requirements:


Works with Production Supervisors, Process Technicians, other Utility, and the Corporate Compliance Manager in the safe handling of the equipment and chemical intermediates in both storage and use in production.


Understand and demonstrate compliance with HMIS, SDS's, HAZCOM, General Safety, HAZWASTE, LO/TO, PSM, PPE protocol, and proper housekeeping.


Management of Waste Water including: monitor and reporting of tank volumes, compliant and effective loading of the outbound water trailers, sampling tanks and trailers, neutralization when necessary, and weight tickets for outbound trailers.


Management of Storm Water including: Monitor and reporting of storm water in containment areas and reporting to Corporate Compliance Manager, Sampling Storm Water and logging samples into laboratory, compliant and effective discharge of the Storm Water, and completing the cycle of required documentation including the Storm Water checklist back to Corporate Compliance Manager.


Housekeeping Specific assigned areas and duties.


Maintain hazardous waste satellite and accumulations areas such that they are compliant with all regulations, including monitoring containment pallets and emptying via proper disposal when necessary as well as respective Satellite and Accumulation Area checklists for compliance.

The above description identifies only the primary duties pertaining to this position.

Additional tasks are performed, as required, and do not significantly alter this description.

Background Requirements:


High School Diploma or GED.


Minimum 2 years' experience in the field


Ability to lift/move up to 75lbs frequently.
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